EEM technologies

Emerging Europe Market Venue is a technological platform with international outreach, through which entrepreneurs raise funds financing their activities, following the highest operational standards in investing. Emerging Europe Market Venue contributes as well to the development of the business culture and the quality of corporate governance, among others by support and attention devoted to investor relations, while giving rise to an investors’ community, with the mutual exchange of information, experiences and ideas within that community.

Emerging Europe Market Venue is the exceptional undertaking engaging entrepreneurs, investors, market and business practitioners, media, innovators and the world of science, led by:

Ludwik Sobolewski

Robert Kwiatkowski

representing competences in the domains of economy, financial markets, entrepreneurship, investments and law.

Where Emerging Europe Markeplace is? It is in the mainstream as regards the security of investors' money. It is in the avant-garde as regards technology solutions. And finally it is a counter-cultural mechanism versus the old world of the capital markets. [Ludwik Sobolewski PhD, CEO of Emerging Europe Marketplace LLC]



Emerging Europe Market Venue platform is the technological product created, supported and developped by Codefellow, a software house headquartered in Warsaw.

Codefellow competences and expertise comprise programming and implementing complex IT systems supporting the management functions of various business entities. The Codefellow team is also one of the leaders in the field of technology-driven innovations for the sector of financial institutions, with in-depth experience as regards payment services and innovative solutions operating in the broadly understood banking (set in particular by the EU PSD2 directive), as well as in the area of capital markets.

In addition to that, Codefellow develops skills and competences with regard to structuring and optimization of data bases, servicing clients active, among others, in such sectors of the economy as real estate development, new technologies (including those brought by blockchains) and e-commerce.

Services and products of Codefellow meet the highest professional standards, especially with regard to the quality of programming, cybersecurity and regulatory compliance.

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